Art: Craft & Design

Why Choose Art: Craft and Design?

  • To develop formal and practical artistic skills in a range of media

  • To develop conceptual skills alongside the 'creative process'

  • To combine traditional and contemporary aspects of art and the wider world

  • to learn about and research 

  •       subjects (themes) that can include popular culture, society, history, environment, religion, current affairs and politics

  • To prepare you for future careers in the vast world of Art and Design.

Mr Butler


Subject Content:

  • Development of a portfolio of work and moderator's exhibition

  • Research other artists, art movements and cultures

  • Explore and develop formal art skills in a range of media

  • Develop, explore and experiment, creatively, with the use of a range of media and materials

  • Develop ideas based on a theme taken from the world around us

In order to be successful in this subject you will need to:

  • Display technical and creative skills in a range of two and three dimensional art media

  • Research, understand and show influence from other artists, art movements and cultures

  • Explore art media creatively and expressively, combining this with your skills based, technical work

  • Develop extensive portfolio projects that develop ideas and lead towards a conclusion that realises intentions.