Hospitality and Catering

Why Choose Hospitality and Catering?

  • Inspires and enthuses students to consider being more than just a patron.

  • Students have the opportunity to develop food preparation and cooking skills and learn about issues related to nutrition and food safety.

  • Students have the opportunity to gain a broad understanding

  •       and knowledge of the hospitality and catering sector, developing a range of specialist and general skills that would          support progression to employment.

  • Students have the opportunity to develop transferable skills such as problem solving and time management.

Mrs Stenson


Subject Content:

  • Students apply their learning to safely prepare, cook and present nutritional dishes.

  • Explore the understanding and skills required for proficiency in planning, preparing, cooking and finishing a range of food products.

  • Investigate the structure and different aspects of the hospitality and catering industry and analyse job requirements within the hospitality and catering industry.

  • Investigate personal attributes necessary to work successfully including team work.

  • Discover aspects of health and safety in the hospitality and catering industry, including reviewing different areas of food safety law. 

In order to be successful in this subject you will need to:

  • Have an interest in the structure and working operations of the Hospitality and Catering industry.

  • An appreciation of the importance of food and good nutrition.

  • Be prepared to lean and apply practical skills within a busy kitchen environment.

  • Act in a safe manner within a working kitchen environment, demonstrating good practices in health and safety and food hygiene.

  • Produce extended written and practical work for assignment briefs, work to set deadlines and for examination questions.