Computer Science

Why Choose Computer Science?

  • Focus on the well-established methodologies of computing, alongside the technological advances which make it such a dynamic subject

  • Apply fresh features including a computational thinking exam to provide an academically challenging programme of study.

  • Choose from a range of programming languages for non-exam assessment, enabling us to tailor the specification to the strengths of our students 

**You will need to be fairly good at mathematical and Problem solving skills

Mr Millington


Subject Content:

  • Fundamentals of algorithms

  • Programming

  • Fundamentals of data representation

  • Computer Systems

  • Fundamentals of computer networks

  • Ethical, legal and environmental impacts of digital technology on wider society

  • Cyber security

In order to be successful in this subject you will need to:

  • Enjoy the challenges associated with data based subjects such as Maths, Physics and Chemistry

  • Have a desire to learn more about how computers and networks actually work and how they are implemented and used in "the real world"

  • Understand a variety of algorithms and be able to manipulate these to program your own projects.