Health and Social Care

Why Choose Health and Social Care?

  • Students explore health, social care and early years provision at both national level and within their local community.

  • An understanding of how individual's needs can be met through collaboration is explored.

  • Personal development is studied to enable students to feel confident about themselves and their relationships with others.

  • Students will develop skills which enable positive communication to individuals with a range of health and social care needs. 

Miss Parrish


Subject Content:

  • Care needs of major client groups.

  • Types of care services

  • Ways of obtaining care services and barriers to access.

  • Careers in Health and Social Care and Early Years services

  • Care Values

In order to be successful in this subject you will need to:

  • Meet deadlines for assessment on internal assessed pieces of work that contribute to final grade.

  • Be able to apply knowledge from lessons to a range of vocational contexts.