Why Choose History?

  • History encourages learners to become curious, to develop their own opinions based on a respect for evidence, and to build a deeper understanding of the present by engaging with and questioning the past

  • History brings people together by presenting events and issues that learners will find fascinating and that will stimulate a desire to explore the similarities and differences between people's lives in the past and their own lives now

  • GCSE History deepens pupils' knowledge and understanding of past events by encouraging them to engage in historical enquires and to consider how the past is interpreted in different ways 

  • Students will engage with historical sources to enhance their knowledge of the past

Mrs Davies


Subject Content:

  • America 1920-1973

  • Conflict and Tension 1894-1918

  • Britain, Health and The People 1000 - Present Day

  • Elizabethan England 1568 - 1603

In order to be successful in this subject you will need to:

  • Read and evaluate source material

  • Be prepared to work at developing essay writing skills

  • Revise independently for all tests, including class assessments

  • Meet homework deadlines