Information Technology

Why Choose IT?

  • Inspires and enthuses students to become technoloy savvy.

  • Gives students the opportunity to gain a broad understanding and knowledge of the IT sector.

  • Allows students to explore the fundamentals of technology

  • Allows students to gain the practical kills, knowledge and understanding to design, make and review IT systems and creative technology products

Mr Millington


**You will need to be fairly good at mathematical and Problem solving skills

Subject Content:

  • Explore digital tools and techniques used by organisations and their suitability.

  • Investigate issues with operating online

  • Explore how organisations collect, manipulate and use data to provide information.

  • Research planning tools and techniques, putting them into practice to solve IT specific problems.

  • Implement the Project Life Cycle to perform data import and management tasks and develop a data analysis and handling solution to meet client requirements

  • digital safety and security measures for individuals and businesses

In order to be successful in this subject you will need to:

  • Be someone who enjoys using technology to solve various problems- not just for gaming!

  • Meet various coursework deadlines and aim for the highest possible grades in all areas.

  • Understand that using technology brings many advantages and disadvantages, and use that knowledge to select the most appropriate hardware and/or software to satisfy a given brief.

  • Have a working knowledge of application software, similar to but not exclusive to the Office suite.