Art: Textiles

Why Choose Art: Textile Design

  • Textiles students design clothing and fashion for clients and consumers.

  • Textiles students use a range of fashion design techniques, materials and tools:

    • Art and Design skills​

    • Pattern cutting, garment construction and sewing skills

    • Properties of fabrics, together withconsideration of sustainable materials, recycling and ethical manufacture

    • Accessory design and illustration on fabrics

    • Textile students demonstrate an awareness of the current fashion market trends, the role of fashion designers and the history of textiles art    

Mrs Stenson


Subject Content:

  • Develop creative and imaginative capabilities when exploring and making products

  • Explore the properties of colour, texture and light

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of textiles art in historical and contemporary contexts and cultures

  • Actively engage in the creative process of textiles art in order to develop an effective and independent learners

  • Become confident in taking risks and learn from experience when exploring and experimenting with ideas, materials and techniques

In order to be successful in this subject you will need to:

  • Be creative in your design and practical skills

  • Acquire and develop technical skills through working with a broad range of media, materials, techniques, processes and technologies

  • Investigate, develop and research design ideas to produce art textiles portfolios

  • Develop review and evaluation skills